About Us

If we could share the truth of God without identifying ourselves at all, we would be most satisfied. That is because we do not want to draw any attention to anything about us whatsoever. For, as John said, “He must increase and I must decrease”. It is him who is to be lifted up, not any one of us. Often, our hearts sink when we see messages rejected primarily for the reason that the identity of the message-bearer is not acceptable to the message-hearers.

We believe the truth stands on its own merits regardless of the truth-bearer. We believe in the truth of the Word of God in the scriptures. Just as much, we believe and know that the thought process employed in the interpretation of scriptures (not the scriptures themselves) is the source of the doctrinal differences between the various Christian denominations and faiths. Thus our studies not only attempt to use a consistent biblical interpretation thought process to reach consistent doctrinal conclusions, but we also endeavour to point out how certain thought processes lead to certain conclusions which are unbiblical.

The key question is, “how readest thou?” more than “what readest thou?” We wish all Bible students to stop and ask themselves the question, “how are we thinking?”

The TRF Ministries is a small ministry of a few individuals, though it will inevitably grow, by God’s grace and will. All the members of the ministry have a Seventh Day Adventist background and they affirm the inspiration of Ellen G. White. We consider, discuss and produce materials on different biblical topics with particular focus on the identity of God and the character of God. We intend to demonstrate that from these two important understandings proceeds a correct understanding of the rest of biblical teachings.

We believe that it is in open discussion of biblical topics that we benefit from each other, even if our views are different. Thus we embrace any chance to engage in deep, biblical, humble, non-combative, respectful and evidence-based discussion of any faith topic. We welcome discussions with believers just as much as non-believers, atheists and people of other faiths.

We pray that you find our content a blessing and our insights worth considering.


TRF Ministries